More and more athletes want to specialize in the various disciplines of fitness. This certainly applies to strength training. Gyms, specialized gyms, strength & conditioning centers and boot camp companies are responding to this by organizing special Strength Classes. 
Dutch HDA is the only training academy in the Netherlands that provides a full-fledged training: Strength Coach. The training integrates all strength disciplines of Strongman, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Strength Classes & Powerbuilding.
The training is strongly practical and modular. We teach you to perfect the techniques, but also to see the connections and to connect the different parts. In this way you become a strength specialist in all ways of training outside the regular fixed equipment within the gym. We help you program and periodize so that you can develop an attractive and varied training for every customer.

All-rounder in Strength

The umbrella term is Strength or strength training, which includes sports such as: Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Strongman, Strength Classes, Powerbuilding and everything in between. Between these sports and concepts there is a lot of overlap in exercises, training methods, periodization models, supporting physical properties, lesson structure and much more. Don't follow all kinds of different courses, but find everything in one! 

The biggest reason why customers stop training is when they find exercising boring and no longer get results. The Strength Coach training teaches you to build up exercises progressively AND how to program. Afterwards you can offer your customers something unique that will motivate them, achieve results and make progress thanks to your own periodization!

Dutch HDA - July 2024
Nieuwe Workshop! Als onderdeel van de Strength & Conditioning opleiding verzorgt Dutch HDA 2 masterclasses: op vrijdag 22 maart (Big Three) en vrijdag 29 maart (Big Two). In deze masterclasses zal jouw kennis, vaardigheden en coachingskills op het gebied van powerliften, weightliften en odd/specials objects die impuls krijgen waardoor je een volgende stap in je ontwikkeling als trainer of sporter kunt zetten. Volg je de masterclass dan ontvang je een certificaat als bewijs van deelname. Bij het volgen van de volledige Strength Coach opleiding ontvang je een diploma.

Content Strength Coach

In our 5-day training you will recognize the same patterns every lesson day. We start with specific knowledge about the relevant part and go deeper into training leather and training methods. We delve into the goal of the athlete and look at how we can best stimulate the body in terms of strength. The next step is programming and periodization applied to the goals and wishes of the athlete. Then follows the practice in which we will do, experience and perfect the exercises ourselves. We teach the exercises to each other and finally do this in a group. The overview on the right gives a good picture of what you learn as a Strength Coach.

Progressive build-up of more complex exercises of 3 different categories:

  • The Big 3: Slow Lifts (Squat, Bench Press & Deadlift)
  • The Big 2: Fast lifts (clean & jerk, snatch)
  • Strongman: Odd Object lifting

Compact summary of subject matter: Anatomy, Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics from the Dutch HDA courses.

Learning to program to achieve the right stimulus in the field of Physiology.

Rules of executions, tactical aspects and introduction of concepts such as GPP vs SPP.

Compact summary of intake methods from the Dutch HDA courses.

Programming and periodizing using the boulder method.

Individualize / scale pre-programmed schedules at 4 levels, namely: injured athletes, beginners, advanced, competitive. Coaching (larger) groups and all related aspects such as voice use and walking lines. Insight into how different coaching styles can be applied to the individual within a group. 

Reflection and insight to develop yourself from athlete, trainer to coach and mentor. Independent personality who is strong and confident, can think critically, is open to feedback and can substantiate matters well. Self-learning professional who reflects and acts on experiences. 

  • You can work at all fitness organizations specialized in strength specialties as an independent trainer who is able to guide larger groups individually in the field of Strongman, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Strength Classes & Powerbuilding.
  • As a Strength Coach you have the skills to apply individual differences from pre-programmed schedules.
  • You learn to observe athletes and determine their level based on that.
  • You can develop a progressive training program/programming for groups of people, taking into account individual differences so that each customer is individually served.
  • You master all exercises from the Strength Coach method to perfection and choose, based on the analysis of the individual client, which exercises and which way of performing offer the best result.
  • You learn to develop yourself as an athlete, trainer, coach and ultimately mentor. You can quickly switch between different coaching styles and techniques to properly train (individuals in) groups.

Tailor-made training:

You are often busy, cannot follow all days of the program or are only interested in certain topics. That is why we also offer our specialist training courses in a modular form in the form of workshops. You can then also take the exam, provided that the various teaching days are completed in two years. If you want more information, click on the button below.

Dutch HDA - July 2024

The daily schedule looks like this:



Fridays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Locatie: No Excuses HDA, Johannes Geradtsweg 115, 1222 PP HIlversum

Dutch HDA - July 2024


The total costs for the Strength Coach training are: €1277,- The e-book, the app with augmented reality and the exam costs are included. It is possible to pay in installments. BFor installment payments, a surcharge of €30 per course applies
The Dutch HDA courses are CRBKO accredited and are therefore exempt from VAT.



The program has a study load of 19 hours per week, of which 6 hours are lessons, 4 hours internship and 9 hours self-study.

The internship is an important part of the Dutch HDA courses. You put the acquired skills into practice and learn to gain work experience independently. During the course you will follow a total of at least 20 hours of internship.

The exam of the training is taken on the last day of the training and consists of a theoretical and practical part. The theory exam takes the form of a reflection conversation about the (sports) case chosen at the beginning of the course, detailed in your portfolio. The theory components to be tested are presentation and evaluation of the (sports) case, reflection on one's own actions, authenticity and transfer of knowledge. The practical exam consists of performing sport-specific exercise material and supervising/instructing an athlete/athlete with this exercise material. During the exam we test your own skills and instruction. Afterwards, a reflective discussion will take place. After the interview, the assessment will follow and you will hear whether you have passed.

If you failed the exam, you can request a re-exam. Theory exam: €49,- Practical exam: €79,-.

You will be taught in small groups of a maximum of 4-15 people


Dutch HDA - July 2024


Would you like to benefit from the progressive structure of our courses in which all courses connect seamlessly? Then use the Dutch HDA Specialist package and the attractive discount that we offer.
The Strength Coach training is part of the Strength & Conditioning Specialist training. If you want to expand this later with the All-round Strength & Conditioning diploma in addition to the Strength Coach diploma, this is possible!
During the Strength Coach you follow two workshops, THE BIG 3 & THE BIG 2. To obtain the All-round Strength & Conditioning sSpecialist diploma, you only need to supplement this with the workshops RUNNING & REPETITIVE MOVEMENT and PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER.

Dutch HDA - July 2024

– Discover our Pros

Strength & Conditioning teacher

powerliften opleiding
Dutch HDA - July 2024

The training is given by strength athlete Remko Sanders. With his experience as an athlete in powerlifting, weightlifting, strongman & crossfit, he teaches you the tricks of the trade in the Strength & Conditioning Specialist course.

Remco Sanders, exercise physiologist/performance coach, studied Human Movement Sciences at the VU in Amsterdam. This multidisciplinary study fitted in well with his interest in sports and the provision of courses and training. Since 2010 he has been active as an author and educator for various institutions.

He is also active as an entrepreneur in the industry and owns No Excuses/CrossFit Gooi (Performance Centre), De FitHub (Private Gym), Dutch HDA (training academy)

Achievements as an athlete:

– Dutch Champion Hurdles – 2011
– NK Weightlifting -69 kg – 2014
– Final Amsterdam Throwdown – 2015
– NK Powerlifting -69 kg – 2016
- NK Powerlifting - 74 kg - 2017 - 3rd place
– NK Powerlifting -74 kg -2018 – 2nd place
– Atlas Pure Strength Competition – 2019
– Kwalificatie WK Strong Man 2021 & EK 2022
– Nederlands Kampioen Powerliften -74 kg – 2021, 2022  & 2023 
– Dutch Record Holder Deadlift 285 KG (-74 kg)
– Dutch Record holder Total 670 KG (-74 kg)

Had training from:

– Erwin van Beek (CrossFit Games Athlete 2013 & 2014)
– Remco Eenink (President NGWB and founder Dutch Weightlifting Academy)
– Jordi Snijders (World Powerlifting Championships and founder of Strength Academy)

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