Breaking Down Movements


As a fitness trainer you apply biomechanics, consciously and unconsciously, in your coaching and instruction on a daily basis. Think about choosing your exercises based on the taxability of your client. In Biomechanics you look at how hard the muscles have to work in a certain movement. The Breaking Down Movements course helps you to master biomechanics in a practical and functional way from your context as a trainer where movement is central. You learn how the mechanics can support you in this.

breaking down movements

What does this look like in practice?

In 5 lessons, the course provides a clear basis on practical, functional biomechanics within fitness in order to make the right exercise material selection and load capacity and to adjust it to the individual differences from customer to customer. You will learn to understand how training and performance are interrelated and how to choose the best approach for each unique client.

anatomie fitness opleidingen
breaking down movements

The online module Breaking Down Movements consists of 5 lessons and is built up with accompanying quizzes:

Certificate of participation

If you have answered all quiz questions correctly at the end of the course, you have passed and we will email you the certificate of participation. If you have any questions about the structure of the course, please email them to

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