The Personal Trainer Specialist course is one of the specialties of Dutch HDA. It is a high-quality personal training (MBO 4+) training if you want to offer fully individual-oriented training. Everything during the training is aimed at developing you into a trainer who is able to come up with exercises that exactly fit the personal circumstances and wishes of your client. In addition to physical aspects, we place great emphasis on communication and coaching skills. In order to become a distinctive personal trainer, we will also work on developing your personality and the business aspects of the profession. After the training you can work independently as a personal trainer and you are able to offer a tailor-made training program that is varied and inspiring.

Personal Trainer Specialist

Become the specialist in lifestyle coaching!

At Dutch-HDA we believe that training is much more than just physical performance. The Personal Trainer Specialist is all about improving the quality of life and well-being of people, whereby the Personal Trainer also develops himself further: Human Development.

Our training goes beyond the traditional fitness training where you mainly learn to advise and treat sports / exercise as a goal. In
the Personal Trainer Specialist training focuses on coaching skills for a wide range of specific target groups
sport/exercise used as both a goal and a tool. It's not just about
the hour, but certainly also every other 23 hours of the day. We cover various “challenges” that hinder progression and topics with a focus on exercise, healthy living and sustainability:

– Medical fitness for guiding pre/rehab trajectories (With extra attention for shoulder, back, hip & knee complaints)
– Medical Target Groups: COPD, diabetes, obesity, osteoarthritis, rheumatism & non-congenital brain injury
– Lifestyle guidance: Exercise, Smoking, Alcohol, Nutrition and Relaxation
– Strength & Conditioning Training for fitness & aesthetics
– Training for sustainable & healthy ageing
– Motivation, mental/cognitive health
– Communication and coaching skills
– Business, which way of working in the industry suits you best

With their background in Human Movement Sciences, Paul Lammers & Remco Sanders have created easy, accessible and practically applicable models, making it possible for everyone in the program to integrate them quickly. You not only learn specific knowledge, but above all a critical way of thinking so that you learn how to deal with the jungle of information on the internet.

After completing the Personal Trainer Specialist course, you can work independently as a personal trainer in many areas
are you able to design a tailor-made training program / developmentprogram that is varied and inspiring for various target groups.

Individualization of exercises with regular and specific tools and material (such as pivots, resistance band, etc.) that suit the customer.

Focus on individual anatomy and its impact on exercise.

Programming it based on someone's physiology; comparison of the physiology of the sport with that of the individual athlete and the resulting stimulus.

Performing the right exercise in the right way using movement analysis based on individual objectives

In addition to physical testing methods, also research social affective conditions to determine a perfect starting situation of an individual athlete. 

Long-term objective/periodization in several building progressive phases.

Communication skills; Researching and applying the right coaching style for each unique individual client. Motivate the athlete through variety, progressive build-up, constantly setting new achievable goals. 

Independent personality who is strong and confident, can think critically, is open to feedback and can substantiate matters well. Self-learning professional who reflects and acts on experiences.

  • You can work independently in the fitness industry and offer the customer the best personalized training and help him / her to achieve the set goals.
  • As a Personal Trainer Specialist at Dutch HDA you have the social skills to create a personal experience for every customer and to achieve the desired result.
  • You learn to choose and make your own tests/measurements.
  • You can develop an individual training program taking into account the physical and social affective circumstances of the client.
  • You master all exercises in the fitness to perfection and choose which exercises and which way of performing offers the best result based on the analysis of the individual customer.
  • You are always in contact with the customer and are able to carry out the individual training program depending on the circumstances and to change it if desired.
  • You can get started as an entrepreneur thanks to the distinctiveness you have built up during the course.
personal trainer opleiding dutch hda

Tailor-made training

You are often busy, cannot follow all days of the program or are only interested in certain topics. That is why we also offer our specialist training courses in a modular form in the form of workshops. You can then also take the exam, provided that the various teaching days are completed in two years. If you want more information, click on the button below.

The daily schedule looks like this:



Zondagen van 10.00-16.00 uur. Locatie: No Excuses HDA, Johannes Geradtsweg 115
1222 PP Hilversum



Dutch HDA - May 2024


The total costs for the Personal Trainer Specialist training are: €1887,-. The e-book, the app with augmented reality and the exam costs are included. It is possible to pay in installments. A surcharge of €30 per course applies to installment payments. The Dutch HDA courses are CRBKO accredited and are therefore exempt from VAT.



The program has a study load of 20 hours per week, of which 6 hours are lessons, 7 hours an internship and 7 hours self-study. The total study load spread over 9 weeks amounts to 106 hours.

The internship is an important part of the Dutch HDA courses. You put the acquired skills into practice and learn to gain work experience independently. In addition, you will complete various internship assignments to test your progress. You choose your internship address yourself.

EXAM The exam of the training is concluded in practice by means of a video. The video exam consists of performing sport-specific exercise material and guiding/instructing an athlete/athlete with this exercise material. During the exam we test your own skills and instruction. After submitting your video, the assessment will follow and you will hear whether you have passed. We put the assessment and recommendations on your notebook, so that you can read it again later.

RE-EXAM If you failed the exam, you can request a re-exam. The costs for this are €79.

GROUP SIZE You will be taught in small groups of a maximum of 10-15 people.


Package Advantage:
Dutch HDA Specialist Package

Would you like to benefit from the progressive structure of our courses in which all courses connect seamlessly? Then use the Dutch HDA Specialist package and the attractive discount that we offer.

In the Dutch HDA Specialist package you follow two courses, starting with Fitness Trainer and ending with the specialty of your choice, for example Personal Trainer Specialist.

In plaats van € 4.114,- bieden we je deze twee opleidingen aan voor een pakketprijs van € 3.826,-. Hiermee bespaar je € 288,- ofwel 7% van de prijs van de individuele opleidingen. 

If you want to make use of our package offer, please contact us so that we can design the most suitable program together with you.

Dutch HDA - May 2024
ereps gecrediteerd

Industry recognized

Our training is industry recognized and therefore meets all standards set by institutes nationally and internationally. With the diploma you can register yourself in the register of EREPS (European Register of Exercise Professionals) and thus also work outside the Netherlands.


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