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Dutch HDA - September 2023
Dutch HDA - September 2023


Kamerlingh Onnesweg 268, 1223 JR Hilversum

Dutch HDA - September 2023


Dutch HDA - September 2023

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You do not need any prior education for the Fitness Trainer training. Our specialist training certainly requires basic knowledge and several years of experience. It is best to send an email to, then we can determine which course suits you best.

If you are unsure whether you can follow your entire training in advance, Dutch HDA offers the option of following the training in parts, by means of workshops. If all days of the course are followed within 2 years, you can still obtain your diploma. Click here for more info!

Do you find several courses and disciplines interesting and are you not sure which course to follow? Fill in the form here and receive free personal study advice.

Dutch HDA is a so-called vocational education institution and is not covered by government measures with regard to gyms. We are located at the same address as No Excuses Strength & Conditioning Center and rent this space on our teaching days. When the practical lessons start (Sunday, later than 12:00), no other activities will take place in the building and we can give the lessons in a safe way for everyone.

If possible or necessary, we can also give the practical lessons on the outside area at our location. It is important to realize that we deliberately keep the groups small, so that we can keep sufficient distance and give everyone maximum attention.

In the event that the government takes very strict measures and we cannot do otherwise, we as an organization will adapt. We will then give the lessons according to the principle of so-called blended learning: the optimal combination of online and practical lessons. This means that we will give the theory lessons online under the supervision of the teacher of the course. After the end of the online lessons or as soon as possible, we will start with the practical lessons in order to complete the training. We also did this twice in exceptional cases at the beginning of 2021 and it worked particularly well for the students. 

The courses always take place without notice to the contrary, but in some cases can initially be (partly) online.

In the field of online teaching, there are now many possibilities to provide theory lessons at the level we want, such as being able to demonstrate live exercises (from a gym room that we have set up separately), drawing the instructions (together) on the computer screen. best posture during an exercise (movement analysis) and using online break-out rooms, in which students can work on assignments individually or in teams. The online lessons last a maximum of four hours because we have noticed that attention slackens the longer the lesson lasts. 

This works fine for theory and part of the practice. We have already gained a lot of experience with this and received positive reactions from our students. But we are a practical training, so after the online classes there will always be a few more practical days.


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