The road to positive behavioral change

You make top schedules and yet your client's result lags behind. Do you also recognize this? Realize that your client only trains with you for 2 to 3 hours a week and is out of sight of you for the rest of the week. The rest of the week around the training sessions we call lifestyle factors that influence the result of your schedule. Some result breakers can be: stress, insufficient sleep, diet, use of alcohol and smoking. 

As a (Personal) Trainer you are constantly thinking of exercises that exactly fit the personal circumstances and wishes of your client. More and more lifestyle elements are emerging in which the aim is to realize positive behavioral changes. The E-learning Lifestyle course from Dutch HDA offers you an extra handle for today's fitness professionals to distinguish themselves from the rest. With the Lifestyle course, the focus is on the total health of your client instead of just on the training part. 

This online course can be followed at your own time and pace!


What does this look like in practice?

Dutch HDA has developed these lifestyle factors, the so-called BRAVO factors, in the online course “Fundamentals of Lifestyle” step by step through a Dutch HDA lifestyle model that we have developed uniquely. Each sub-area of lifestyle that we discuss in this online course follows the same structured step-by-step plan with associated tracking systems such as diaries that you can use in your advice. 

After following the LIFESTYLE course you can:

  • Conduct intake based on the BRAVO factors
  • Choosing the right interventions/assignments
  • Using the right tracking systems suit the type of customer to be able to monitor
  • Being able to give good appropriate advice and fine-tuning where necessary

The online Lifestyle module consists of 10 lessons and is structured with accompanying quizzes:

Certificate of participation

If you have answered all quiz questions correctly at the end of the course, you have passed and we will email you the certificate of participation. If you have any questions about the structure of the course, please email them to

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