There is no right or wrong!


Context always comes first.
We humans really want to demonize things. We like to point out a scapegoat with statements such as “you are doing it wrong”, “you are doing it right”, “this substance makes you fat” and “this substance makes you sick”. Ultimately, it is always about context, because there is never 1 variable that causes something (not) to happen. 

Develop a critical thinking ability
What we, as trainers, find very important is the development of a critical thinking ability in every trainer, whereby a distinction can be made within the context. You learn to ask the right questions in order to make the right choice from different fields such as physiology, anatomy and psychology. All these disciplines influence each other. In addition, each person is constructed differently and you must therefore also be able to make nuance differences. When you train a group of 12 people, you may have to teach the squat differently to one person than to the other person. 

No wrong choices, but wrong applications
There are no right or wrong exercises and methods, but the wrong application of them. Just think of fabrics. A distinction is made between toxic and non-toxic substances, but there are no toxic substances. What does exist are toxic doses. Context is always more important than general tidbits. 

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